Our Process


In-House – Not Outsourced

Other boutique firms hand off the management of your portfolio to third parties: either generic computer models or costly asset managers. Not us. We directly handle nearly all
portfolio management in-house, which gives you the highest level of customization and keeps additional fees out of the equation.

What We Do

We have the freedom to act independently and make recommendations purely on the basis of what’s best for your and your family, which gives you the highest level of customization and keeps additional fees out of the equation.

How We Do It

We offer a bespoke investment approach, an advanced client technology suite and unwavering fiduciary responsibility; all of which are necessary components in the increasingly complex financial industry.

A Spectrum of Approaches

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing-rather, a spectrum of differentiated approaches exist.

Our team can help you identify the appropriate approach and strategy based on your financial goals and investment


Advising Starts with Listening

There’s no mathematical formula for happiness. Everyone’s financial security looks different, so we first take the time to learn what wealth and security mean to you.
There’s no software that can do that. It comes from listening. And experience.

Step 1: We Listen

Understanding your needs, goals and priorities is the most important step in learning how we should best design your customized plan and help you achieve your dreams.

Step 2: Discovery

We want to know you and, likewise, we want you to know us and feel 100% comfortable with our team. During this phase, we’ll carefully examine your current data and information from every possible angle.

Step 3: Planning

Based on our learnings from Discovery, we’ll begin to formulate recommendations and explain the thinking behind them. Then, together, we’ll collaboratively finalize the strategy and plan to reach your goals.

Step 4: Execution

We’ll execute the agreed-upon plan, meet regularly to assess any life changes, and update the plan as needed so you stay on track.


A Spectrum of Approaches

Independence & Transparency

We have the freedom to act independently and make recommendations purely on the basis of what’s best for you and your family.
Without any pressure to promote proprietary products, we answer only to you.
We are also committed to full transparency and happy to openly share our fee structure and how we are compensated for the services we provide.

98% Client Retention Rate

In a world where changing financial advisors is as easy as changing credit cards, we are proud that 98% of our clients (98.2% as of March 7th, 2023, to be exact) stay with us,
year after year. In fact, our clients often recommend us to their first, second and third-generation family members who become clients, too. We think this
speaks volumes about the trust they place in us.

Real VS. Artificial Intelligence

We offer a bespoke investment approach, advanced client technology suite and unwavering fiduciary responsibility; necessary elements in the increasing
complexity of the financial industry.
We utilize many of the industry’s most respected and current financial research, analysis and modeling tools. Although this quantitative data is important, we feel a custom QUALITY portfolio of investments can only be constructed by real human beings; our experienced professionals, and you!
We know there are nuances to your life, your goals – and the markets — that automated investing services or DIY brokerage accounts don’t consider. But
the final decisions regarding how your money is allocated and what your household portfolio of assets looks like, with our guidance, is ultimately up to

Stop Getting Surprised by Tax Bills

Many of our clients come to us after being unpleasantly surprised by huge tax bills their previous firm either failed to warn them about…or didn’t know
We are ALWAYS thinking about the tax implications of a given transaction or financial instrument. Preventative and anticipatory is important, but we do
not stop there. We place a strong emphasis on proactive tax efficient investment management.

Always Here to Listen and Talk...on Your Terms

We take the time to listen – truly listen – to what you are trying to achieve in the short and long term. Only then do we start to discuss options and make
recommendations, and we’ll do so in language that makes sense to you.

Specialized Advice Now…and for Every Stage of Life

We’re all a little different. Whether it’s your 401K plan, a charitable trust, socially responsible investments, or anything in between, we are happy to provide
advice and guidance based on your specific interests and goals.
We’re also here to help you navigate life’s changes and the inevitable “curveballs” it throws at us.
Whether it’s a big move, a divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, an inheritance, or any other major “life event,” we advise individuals and families on current and generational decisions regarding estates and wills, shared assets, tax considerations, long-term care, life insurance, strategic use of credit, and
wealth transfer goals.

Wealth Management that Extends Beyond Managing Money

Personal finance and wealth management extends far beyond investments, so as our client, we’ll happily answer any personal finance questions you
For example, should you use a home equity loan to finance another property? Want to know if you have the right coverages on an insurance policy? Need
help deciding if you (or a family member) should buy or lease a car?
We’ll happily advise you on all these types of questions…and some you may not even know to ask.
It’s our job to cover your blind spots, to see around corners, and to plan for what is (or could be) coming down the road. No question is too small, and
we’re here for you, so ask away.

Do Well AND Do Good

Our customized investment management approach includes the option of “Sustainable Investing,” which considers a company’s record on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria as well as its potential to deliver strong returns. This additional screening requires a lot more research and oversight on our part, but what is important to you is important to us, and our team will gladly help you identify the right companies — and the right Sustainable Investing strategy — based on your financial goals and investment objectives.
We defer to and utilize Morningstar’s classifications for best-in-class leaders in the sustainable investing space. In addition, we incorporate a defined ESG
mandate, a substantial track record (usually at least three years), and significant AUM (generally more than $200 million) into our research and due diligence process.
By adopting an ESG framework, investors can:

Invest with an Impact

By choosing sustainable investing, you can generate a competitive financial return while allocating your money to companies committed to making a difference in the world—such as combating climate change, advancing renewable energy, or promoting fair labor practices

Customized Investment Management Approach

Our custom approach to investment management is applied to our ESG offering as well.
There is no one‑size‑fits‑all approach to sustainable investing—rather, a spectrum of differentiated approaches exists.
If sustainable investing sounds compelling, our team can help you identify the appropriate approach and strategy based on your financial goals and investment objectives

Ready for More Than a Quarterly “Check In” Call?

Tired of hearing from your advisor only once per quarter for what feels like an obligatory “check-in call?”
Sure, we schedule quarterly calls, but changes in your life and the financial landscape don’t stick to a quarterly schedule.
We are constantly monitoring proprietary research, market trends, new financial instruments and, of course, tax implications, so you’ll hear from us when
opportunities arise or smart adjustments should be made rather than waiting for the “quarter” and missing out.