Who We Are

Our personalized approach focuses on creating a holistic strategy which will support your goals, address your needs, and provide solutions to the challenges we all face throughout each state of life. Our commitment to you is to provide a uniquely designed wealth management plan accompanied by outstanding client service to maintain a long-term relationship.

Our firm delivers comprehensive Wealth Management advice, world-class service and the solutions you deserve:

  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Income Tax Planning *
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Investment Management
  • Life Stage Financial Planning
  • Small Business Financial Planning
Our Approach
You Are the Focal Point

At Great Scott Financial Services, you are the focal point of the wealth management process. We work together to understand your needs, goals, and priorities, enabling us to develop a thorough sense of how to best assist you in meeting your objectives and goals.

Step #1

Define the client-advisor relationship.

Step #2

Gather data and agree on goals and objectives.

Step #3

Analyze and assess your current financial situation.

Step #4

Present recommendations and plan to client. Make modifications if needed.

Step #5

Implement client approved recommendations and plan.

Step #6

Engage in regular wealth management discussions. Assess life stage changes and update plan as needed.
Our Philosophy
What Matters to You

The Great Scott Financial Experience is our way of building the relationship around what you value today and what will matter to you in the future. Great Scott Financial Services offers a comprehensive approach typically not obtainable through a one size fits all portfolio.

Our distinct due diligence process is crafted to carefully select the finest products in the marketplace which are diversified across a broad range of asset classes. Armed with this in-depth analysis, we make informed, strategic decisions concerning your portfolio as we regularly review your customized investment strategy. Your portfolio is rebalanced and modified as necessary to reflect our collaborative views on the market.